Shawn L. Brown Hair Doctor


The ever charming and vivacious Shawn L. Brown, known to her clients and fans as “The Hair Doctor,” insists that true beauty comes from the inside out and every individual holds the key to looking great and feeling fabulous! “I was created to teach the world how to love who they are and how to work with what God gave them.”

Inspired to follow her passion for people, beauty and hair she took a giant leap of faith and quit her job in marketing to pursue her dream. While honing her skills in the culturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area, she discovered a flaw in the industry, one that was causing a serious problem for the beauty consumer. “It was very early in my career that I noticed customers and stylists would choose each other based on their race/ethnicity. As I became more skilled and educated it became crystal clear to me that hair styles, cuts and chemical choices are only determined by hair type, texture and density.” It is this type of insight and passion that has garnered her the name “The Hair Doctor“ and her affection for people inspired her catch phrase “I am only as good as you look.”

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My passion for people is the source of my success. I love people as much
if not more than I do beauty and hair.